There are a number of simple reasons why 98% of people who attempt affiliate marketing fail.

“Short-Term Thinking”.

People who think in the short-term, easily give up because they expect success today, they are unwilling to do what it takes to become successful.  When you enter affiliate marketing thinking in the short-term, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Why?  Your mind is focus on money rather than taking the time to learn the fundamentals needed to succeed.  You will not do the proper research.  You will become easily frustrated when an idea fails, you will not take the time to understand why it failed.

Short-term thinkers are are susceptible to:

1.  Bad Information:  Great affiliate marketing training does exist, but there are also an enormous amount of training or related products that promise instant success with little or no work required.  Short-term thinkers end up wasting their money on the products that promise “instant riches”.  Then they soon realize what they bought was worthless and become jaded to the entire idea of affiliate marketing and give up.


2.  Great information, poor work ethic:  Great affiliate marketing training programs do exist.  This type of training will offer you the ability to build expertise in:

- Setting up a Word Press Site

- Key Word Research

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Article Marketing

- Email Marketing

- Pay Per Click (PPC)

Still, those that do find this still failure.  Why?  Even though they might have found great affiliate training, they are still short-term thinkers.  They find the training but they still want instant success, they look at how much they need to learn and then apply what they and they don’t have the self-discipline or work ethic to go through with it.  I have seen this in the forum many times where I received my training.  A person will write, “I’m giving up” and write why.  The first thing I notice from their post is they didn’t take the time to even learn.  Because the terminology they use in their post makes absolutely no sense and then you look at their profile and it shows they joined five days ago.  You have the opportunity to learn how to build a business and you give up in five days?  I’ve seen that too many times to count.

Why do a small percent of people become extremely successful in affiliate marketing?

They think in the long term!  They realize riches are not going to come to them in a week or month.  They realize there is a lot they need to learn before they can become successful.  They realize they are going to need to work very hard at this.  When a person thinks this way they also allow themselves to develop in other positive areas.

Think in the “Long-Term”.

1.  You will have greater patience.

2.  The development of confidence and  belief  in themselves and their work – You must develop this aspect in yourself to become successful at anything.  If you always doubt yourself, you will never succeed, you will quit.  I know we all have doubts but you need to get rid of these doubts.   When you start to believe nothing can stop you, then nothing will stop you.  When you have belief you will have more patience.   Everyone fails, but with belief, you will take the time to understand why you fail.  Understanding why you failure and getting up to try again, to apply your new understanding will eventually lead you to big time success.

Make sure to feel good about even your smallest accomplishments.  If you can’t believe in yourself you have already failed.

3. Focus – You must have laser-like focus.   When you first begin training at a place offering serious affiliate marketing training your head will be spinning from all the new information.   Stay focused.  Decide what you want to accomplish today and go do it.   Don’t jump to other things, focus on a single goal until it’s accomplish.  Depending on how far along you are, decide on a single daily goal, weekly goal, or monthly goal, no matter how small that goal is, you need to make one and focus on it.

4. Distractions –  Distractions will keep you from achieving success.  Successful people learn how to minimize their distractions.   Distractions waste your time, the time you could be putting into building your online business.  Think about the things that waste your time and remove these things from your life.  Things like, your cellphone turn it off, log off of Facebook.  Get rid of your major distractions.  You don’t have to totally remove these from your life entirely, but if you planned on spending 3 hours on your affiliate marketing business, get rid of these things for 3 hours.

What else could be a distraction?  Do you have things that weigh on your mind?  Maybe you need to clean the kitchen? Clean out your car?  Clean your garage?  Whatever it may be, if something is weighing on your mind take care of it.  Having these types of things in the back of your mind will distract you from your goals.  If you can’t even clean your room, how will you build a business?

5. Perfect – Those that are successful realize perfect will never happen.  Perfect doesn’t exist, so don’t over-analyze everything, don’t get so caught up on every single detail that you never move forward.  Don’t worry if your website looks like crap.  Don’t worry about failing.  You can ALWAYS go back and improve it.  If you never put your website out there, then you will never have a chance to succeed.

Every time you try something and it doesn’t work then you know it doesn’t work.  This means you are one step closer to success.  You are one step closer to ruling your life.  You don’t have to have all the answers.  You just need to take action, just do it and learn from the results.

6. Value – When you get to the point of building a website to promote an affiliate product you must offer great value or if you are developing a product of your own.  Do your best to offer the best value.  People use the internet to find solutions to their problem.  Go above and beyond in providing value/solutions to those people you are trying to help.  When you provide value people will notice this and they will buy from you.  Remember most everyone else on the internet is providing “crap”, when you provide value you have no competition.





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