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Do you use street articles? Has your article ever been rejected because there is a problem with the links that you created with in your article? After submitting an article at street articles have you then received an e-mail from street articles saying that you article was rejected for a reason concerning the links with in your article.


I know this can be frustrating, so I wanted to write this to give you a clear overview on creating hyperlinks at street articles.


1. If your article is 400 words, you are only allowed to links. These links must be added after 300 word. So this means, do not try to add three links if you’re articles only 400 words, this will cause your article to be rejected. Now, if you write longer articles it is possible that you can add a third link as far as I know, if your article is over 800 words then you will be allowed to have a third link.


2. Broken links will cause your article to be rejected. If you have two links in your article and one is broken your article will be rejected, all your links need to be working. What can cause broken links? An improper URL, or if your website is not up and running any link to it this will also be a broken link.


3. The length of the link. The text that you are turning into a link can only, at a maximum the five words long. And don’t try to be sneaky and make two separate links that run next to each other, there must be text in between your links.


4. Affiliate links. Using affiliate links will cause your article be rejected. It is best to link to your website or to a free website. Meaning do not use a link that is connected to a product that will receive commission for.


5. Do not use links that redirect to other websites.


6. No call to action/promotional links. What are these? In your link do not use words such as click, join, buy, free, go here, get it now. Do not use these words in the link or try not to even use these words surrounding your link.


7. Allow your links to occur naturally within your text or sentences. Do not use your URL within the body of your article. Don’t type in your article Rather, link naturally


8. Do not use capital letters. Meaning, the words that you will be turning into a link to not capitalize on the letters in these words.


9. Do not provide e-mail addresses with in your article. You can set your e-mail address within your author bio section.


10. Formatting links. Do not format links. Meaning, do not use bold, italicized or underlined words when creating your links.

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